Distance learning

is a form of Education through correspondence with a centre of learning that is characterised by use of electronic communications, based upon privileged access to specially prepared study materials that proceeds at an individual’s own pace, whose progress is assessed by means of specific tests.

Distance learning

is an attractive study option for persons who are subject to time consttraints, has inflexible working hours and conditions, or, alternatively, for persons who are very mobile and follow a broad range of activities, who are often sent on mission or who often are away from home, persons who are unable to obtain leave from their engagements to pursue studies in person.

Distance learning (e-study)

is a modern and convenient form of study wherein the student determines the pace of his study.

  •   For each study course students receive online study material where learning terms, course topics and literature list is given;
  •   Students acquire each study course on their own;
  •   Study course exams students take online;
  •   The library materials are available.

Access to distance study is not restricted

by age, occupation or place of residence; studies can be pursued at any time, from any place in the world, providing that you have access to the Internet via a computer.

Tuition fee

for online students - 2040 EUR per year