2,700 educational institutions and study programs recommended by employers

2,700 educational institutions and study programs recommended by employers

August 14, 2023

For the past twelfth year, the career portal Prakse.lv has been creating a TOP of study programs and educational institutions recommended by employers, which provides school graduates with an insight into where a young person can learn the chosen profession. The purpose of TOPa is to promote a thoughtful choice of further education and career of graduates of elementary schools, secondary schools and professional educational institutions this summer, taking into account the opinion of employers. This year, 2,700 employers expressed their opinion, which is 17 times more than in the first year of TOPa creation.

The TOP of schools and studies most recommended by employers is created to provide young people with direct information about the labor market, helping graduates of elementary schools, secondary schools and professional educational institutions to make the right choice of further education this summer, which would result in a successful career.

This year, a record number of companies took part in the creation of TOPa, which indicates the long-term strategy of employers in attracting personnel and the desire to be involved in the career choice of young people, promoting economic development in Latvia.

Riga Technical University received the highest recognition from employers, while the computer science program of the University of Latvia became the most recognized study program.

In TOP, the most evaluated study program is the computer science program of the University of Warsaw. In the first ten are RTU computer science, information technology and construction study program, LU study program – communication science, SSE Riga study program – economy and business, BAT study program – business management, as well as two programs of the College of Law, Law and Real Estate Administration and Management and two BA study programs – business management and finance.

Employers have given positive votes for vocational schools and colleges. In the TOP, the most highly rated professional school is Riga State Technical School, the second is Riga Tourism and Creative Industry Technical School, followed by Riga Trade Vocational High School, Bulduri Horticultural High School and Ogre Technical School completes TOP5

The college with the highest rating in TOP is Riga Technical College, followed by the College of Law, Riga Construction College, Albert College and the Latvian College of Culture completes the TOP5.

Prakse.lv invites young people to base their choice of educational institutions on a rational approach and to listen to the recommendations of employers, because they are the ones who are able to assess the professional quality of young people trained by educational institutions and their suitability for the labor market. They are the ones who can tell from which educational institutions the best prepared graduates come!

You can view the detailed TOPa results of educational institutions and professions recommended by employers on the career portal Prakse.lv at www.prakse.lv/top

About Prakse.lv:

Prakse.lv is the largest education and career portal in Latvia, bringing together more than 130,000 young people and 7,000 employers. It is a platform where young people can find the most suitable employer for internship or work, while employers can find talented young employees. On the portal, you can also familiarize yourself with the professions and study programs offered by educational institutions, with employers’ recommendations for choosing study programs, and get to know employers through virtual internships. The goal of the portal is to help young people build their careers more successfully.

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